Tornado Update

Friends of CMR, AnSR and AMR,

As you probably heard, a devastating tornado hit Moore, OK and southern Oklahoma City yesterday. First responders continue to work with heart and soul to help all in need. Fortunately our offices, located in central Oklahoma City, were missed entirely by the storm, and we are fully operational.

In a relatively small town like Oklahoma City and the surrounding suburbs, everyone is affected by such damage. Several of our co-workers sustained damage in varying degrees, however our team is safe. Recovery and rebuilding comes next. Our entire team is behind all Oklahomans who will bravely pick up the pieces and rebuild.

We ask for your thoughts and prayers during this challenging time. The Oklahoma will is exceptionally strong. We have every intention to make it through this event with a spirit stronger than ever.

We Expect Success!

Thank you all for your support.

Bill Haaland, Richard Cook, Chip Fudge and Cindy McInerney