Subrogation: The CMR Process

 It’s prevalent within the organizations that we, CMR, have been engaging that there is much more work versus the manpower to complete it. Organizations are certainly not expected to do less. The notion of “doing things different” in order to become exceedingly efficient can be risky and generally threatening.

CMR has been hallowed with good fortune helping organizations, recently State Departments of Transportation, stretch their staff and find new funding by strengthening subrogation (damage claims recovery) processes. To expand and further understand subrogation, here is its definition: ‘the placing of a surety who has paid the debt in the place of the creditor, entitling him to payment from the original debtor.’. Research and recent trends detail that this work is limited on resources. While recovery staffs are performing multiple tasks, their support systems are subject to limitations and their processes are insufficient.

CMR’s most successful projects start with the recognition, and announcement, that jobs will not be eliminated. Contrary, CMR renders significant amounts of free time for the staff so-as-to-allow them to use that time to perform more important functions; actual tasks that fit into the core competencies of the organization. In a direct manner, CMR exacts its expertise in the subrogation process with dedicated efficiency which in turn, provides more man hours for organizations to focus on their primary goals and services.

CMR has witnessed net recovered dollars increase four and five times while reducing recovery cycle times by 50% or more. Typically, this means millions of additional dollars repaid to the organizations. The organizations normally distribute the funds to the division in which the damage occurred. Divisional leaders greatly appreciate the additional funding and what amounts to additional staff. With CMR, the funding not only becomes attainable but also becomes a reality.


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