Employees of the Year - 2012

Congratulations to Lisa Sipe and Erick Petchprom for winning Support and Recovery Team Employee of the Year!  This award is given to two employees chosen from the CMR group of companies, which includes AnSR and AMR.

 Lisa was described as:

  • She is CMR 24/7.
  • She is always thinking of better and faster ways to do her job.
  • She is always positive and goes above and beyond for CMR and everyone connected.
  • She always holds her team high and never expects the credit.
  • She has made CMR better since joining the team.
  • She is "the best" and she sees things no one else does on claims, and has made impossible claims pay.
  • She has CMR in her heart.

Erick was described as:

  • He is highly respected by his peers, management and most importantly the community in which he communicates on a daily basis for recovery.
  • He can be depended upon to be on time and ready to work.
  • He is looked upon daily for his advice and assistance, and is always available with a willing attitude.
  • He is called upon frequently to assist in many functions not related to their recovery efforts and is always willing to cooperate completely.
  • His  production for 2012 increased over 2011 by $200K in fees generated.

Lisa and Erick were praised in front of the company, awarded with a check, and given a plaque and trophy recognizing their accomplishments.

Again, congratulations to Lisa Sipe and Erick Petchprom for winning the Support and Recovery Employee of the Year award for 2012!