Employees of the Month - February 2013 (Recovery Team)

Congratulations to Chavon McMillian for winning CMR's Recovery Team Employee of the month award for February! This award is given to one employee chosen from the CMR group of companies, including AnSR and AMR who exemplify success.


Chavon was described as:

  • She has a positive impact in her position.
  • She has the charisma and the attitude necessary to be successful in her current role.
  • She is always present and on time.
  • She has the ability to project a positive, friendly attitude throughout the day.
  • She unselfishly makes herself available for assistance and understands the value of advice, to and from those on her team.
  • She is gaining more confidence every day! Her success can be attributed to their determination to succeed, the ability to apply what they are learning, and the pursuit to gain and learn more to be the best.

Chavon was praised in front of the companies, awarded with a check, and given a framed certificate recognizing her accomplishment. Thank you, Chavon for a successful month!