Employee of the Month - October (Support Team)

Congratulations to Hayley Howard for winning CMR's Support Team Employee of the Month Award for October!
This award is given to one employee selected from the CMR group of companies, including AnSR and AMR, who exemplifies SUCCESS!

Hayley was described as:

  • She has recently taken on the task of GDOT billing. She has been patient and supportive of all changes. She is excited for the new challenge and is eager to make improvements along the way to make the process better.
  • She is rarely out and always on time. She works from start to finish each and every day.
  • She is a positive and self-motivated person. She comes in with a can do attitude and tackles the job at hand. She has been building the relationships with the districts and has received positive feedback.
  • She is someone who likes to stay busy. Rarely does she run out of work, but if she does, she looks for opportunities to learn other job functions or help out wherever she is needed.
  • She has taken on a huge challenge with GDOT billing and is handling it like a champ!

Hayley was praised in front of the companies, awarded with a check, and given a framed certificate recognizing her accomplishment. Thank you, Hayley for a successful month!