Employee of the Month - July 2013 (Support Team)

Congratulations to Janice Kloxin for winning CMR's Support Team Employee of the Month Award for July!

This award is given to one employee selected from the CMR group of companies, including AnSR and AMR, who exemplifies SUCCESS!

Janice was described as:

  • Very dedicated to her job.
  • A team player.
  • Dependable and on time.
  • Always here and ready to work before her scheduled start time.
  • Stays late often because she knows the importance of getting her job done daily and will stay until its done.
  • Has a remarkable attitude, especially considering the pressure she has.
  • Keeps working away no matter what is thrown at her.
  • Has done an outstanding job making sure everything gets done.
  • The most punctual employee who has gone above and beyond in the past month.
  • Dedicated to making CMR the best it can be.

Janice was praised in front of the companies, awarded with a check, and given a framed certificate recognizing her accomplishment. Thank you, Janice for a successful month!