Employee of the Month - February 2013 (Support Team)

Congratulations to Casey Smith for winning CMR's Support Team Employee of the month award for February! This award is given to one employee chosen from the CMR group of companies, including AnSR and AMR who exemplify success.

Casey was described as:

  • He has shown a high level of motivation and ability from day one.
  • With everything he has been asked to do, he has figured out a way to do it and more quickly than imagined.
  • He never says "It can’t be done."  He always does what is asked of him while trying to improve the process.
  • He has an excellent attitude, always quick to help and wants to do the best job possible for CMR, AnSR and AMR.
  • He has the ability to take ideas and convert them into a real working product.
  • With him on board we now have the ability to reach the next level.

Casey was praised in front of the companies, awarded with a check, and given a framed certificate recognizing her accomplishment. Thank you, Casey for a successful month!