Colorado DOT Selects CMR to Recover Damage Claims

Denver – Each year thousands of vehicle crashes cause damage to Colorado roadways (guardrails, signs, cable barriers, attenuators etc.) costing CDOT millions of dollars in repair costs. CDOT is not only responsible for repair or replacement of the damaged property, but also for recovering the cost of the repair from the liable party.
The Colorado Department of Transportation has signed a contract with Oklahoma City based Claims Management Resources (CMR) to outsource its roadway damage claims recovery work. CMR was selected following an RFP process and will serve as CDOT’s agent in recovering repair costs.

Scott Richrath, CDOT Chief Financial Officer stated, “In the face of continuing funding shortages, CDOT is implementing innovative programs to get significantly more out of its human and financial resources. The goals of this program are to substantially increase the dollars recovered, recover the money much faster and off load the recovery work so CDOT staff can focus on other priorities.”

As departments of transportation across the country are facing major funding and staffing pressures, CMR has been delivering meaningful results. CMR added roughly $5 million of new dollars through its recovery efforts for the Georgia Department of Transportation in 2014. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has also benefitted. In its home state, CMR has increased claims recoveries from slightly over $1 million in fiscal year 2010 to $2.7 million in fiscal year 2014.

“Transportation funding is obviously a major problem in the US. Organizations like CDOT are looking beyond traditional approaches to get everything they can out of new ideas and a willingness to change,” said Bill Haaland, Managing Partner of CMR.

Heidi Bimmerle, CDOT Director of Administrative Services, initiated the idea to increase recovered dollars. “This function is a good example of something that is important, but not a core function of ours. As a result, it is very hard to become highly proficient at it. Change is hard, but our staff understands the importance and value in taking action on new, good ideas.”

Implementation of the project will begin immediately. CDOT plans to have CMR operational and delivering results in 30-45 days.

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